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A World History of Photography

By Naomi Rosenblum (Author)

A World History of Photography encompasses the entire range of the medium, from the camera lucida to the latest computer technology, and from Europe and the Americas to the Far East. It investigates all aspects of photography...while placing it in historical context. Included among the more than 800 photographs by men and women are both little-known and celebrated masterpieces, arranged in stimulating juxtapositions that illuminate their visual power.

The far-ranging text, numerous special features, and handsome, user-friendly design make this volume informative, visually exciting, and accessible for general and advanced students, collectors, photographers, and anyone else who loves photography. Not only an encyclopedic reference source for the entire history of photography, it also offers fresh images and observations, encouraging readers to look at and think about photographs in new and expansive ways.

Item Number: B5515

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Product Information:
Year: 1997
Edition: Third
Images: 820 color and bw
696 pages



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