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Théâtre de la Mode (Theater of Fashion)

By David Seidner, Edmonde Charles-Roux (Author), Stanley Garfinkel (Author) and Nadine Gasc (Author)

Liberation in the fall of 1944 after four years of foreign Occupation found Paris surviving on minimal resources. Hoping to make a statement to the world that Paris was still the center of fashion, couturiers, jewelers, milliners, hairdressers, and the theatre designers joined together to present the Théâtre de la Mode. Using the ages-old tradition of traveling miniature mannequins dressed in current couture, the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture mobilized a whole industry with unprecedented cooperation and creativity to prove that life could begin again through these 27" tall ambassadors of fashion. When the little ambassadors had served their mission, they were abandoned. Under an extraordinary set of circumstances in 1990, the dolls were rediscovered and returned to Paris, recoiffed and restyled for an exhibition at the Musée de la Mode. Because of his pioneering work with French fashion and historical gowns, David Seidner was asked to photograph the little dolls. Working in the rough interior of an abandoned theatre set, Seidner captured the essence of French style in dolls dressed in designs made on the eve of Christian Dior's New Look, which radically changed fashion in 1947. ICP will exhibit fifteen of Seidner's color photographs from the David Seidner Archive in the Permanent Collection, along with one of the original dolls.

Item Number: B7641

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Product Information:
Publisher: Palmer/Pletsch Publishing
Year: 2002
192 pages



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