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Polaroid Film

The Impossible Project proudly presents carefully saved, stored and tested Polaroid™ film in a very limited Special Edition, designed by Paul Giambarba, who created the iconic look of Polaroid from 1957 to 1977.

These packages passed all tests and can be enjoyed until 12/2010 and beyond.

Artistic TZ (Type SX-70)
600 (Type 600)
Image Softtone (Type 1200/Spectra)
Image (Type 1200/Spectra)
125i Silk (Type 100/peel-apart)
Sepia (Type 100/peel-apart)
Chocolate (Type 100/peel-apart)
Blue (Type 100/peel-apart)
664 (Type 100/black and white peel-apart)
669 (Type 100/peel-apart)






Product Information:
Publisher: The Impossible Project
Year: 2009



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