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Photojournalism, Documentary & Social Studies


Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967

By Dennis Hopper

The sixties, in all their turbulence and revelation, have been documented many times over -- but the photographic recollections of actor/artist/director Dennis Hopper have set themselves decidedly apart. Now an undisputed icon of the era, Hopper captured some of the most intriguing moments of his generation with a keen and intuitive eye. At the epicenter of a cultural upheaval that would transform art, music, and politics, Hopper documented the likes of Tina Turner in the studio, Andy Warhol at his first West Coast show, Paul Newman on set, and Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama with equal insight and grace. These amazing images have been collected into a single extensive volume -- over a third of them never before published and all mined from Hopper's own personal archive. In evocative, remarkably personal photos, Hopper captured the performers, the politicians, and the poets who defined those incredible years. And at the center of this intimate overview are the artists and collectors who would ignite the Pop Art movement and create some of the most potent visual imagery of the 20th century. In many ways this work is photography as film, a deeply poignant narrative expressed through a collection of unforgettable images. With his marriage to actress Brooke Heyward and his roles in Rebel Without a Cause and Giant, a young Hopper's own fame allowed for an intimate connection with even his most celebrated subjects. The result is photography that captures the same energy and intensity that would later mark Hopper's work as actor and director. His early photos of Tijuana bull fights, L.A. happenings and urban street scenes are marked by an experimentation and imagination that would lead directly into the vivid cinematic imagery of Easy Rider and beyond.

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Product Information:
Publisher: Taschen America
Year: 2009
540 pages



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