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Blackbird, Fly Camera

Twin-Reflex 35mm Plastic Camera
The Blackbird is a beautiful new toy camera with modern styling, quality optics, and old-school sensibilities. Designed from the ground up by Superheadz of Japan, the Blackbird uses 35mm film and features a 33mm lens with focal adjustment. What's more, it is solid, well built, and feels good to handle and use. Other features include two exposure settings (F7/F11), two shutter speeds, and a hot shoe. Also included are two masks for cropping the film (normal 24 x 36, square 24 x 24). Without a mask, the image exposes over the edge, into the film perforations. Superheadz added a sports viewfinder on top for quick shots, but the real pleasure of the Blackbird is holding at your waist, looking down, and taking your time to shoot.

Item Number: G556WH

$135.00 | Members $121.50


Item Number: G556YE

$135.00 | Members $121.50



Product Information:
Year: 2008



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