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Photojournalism, Documentary & Social Studies


The Ninth Floor

(Out of Print)

By Jessica Dimmock

Over the past two years Jessica Dimmock has photographed a group of die-hard heroin users living on "The Ninth Floor" of a Manhattan apartment building in a surprising, powerful, and intimate way. The tale of the terrible consequences of heroin abuse has been documented many times before, but Jessica epitomized the attitude of the concerned photographer by her deep compassion for the people she portrayed. The photographs brilliantly capture the chaotic atmosphere of human lives spinning out of control. Her contemporary visual language coupled with a strong narrative approach compels the viewer to understanding and to care. Faces and bodies fill the picture plan without any mediation as if Dimmock ultimately has no presence for these people. What makes her photographs so moving is that they capture both the fatal self-destructiveness into which her subjects have fallen, and her own inability to reach them.

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Product Information:
Year: 2007
Images: 70 color
120 pages



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