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Critical Essay & Biography


Photography. Crisis of History

By Joan Fontcuberta (Editor)

In this book an international group of specialist historians, critics and photographers revise the dominant models on which our knowledge of the history of photography has been based and set out a number of possible alternatives. Essays by Hubertus von Ameluxen, Joan Fontcuberta, Daniel Girardin, André Gunthert, Ian Jeffrey, Mounira Khemir, Boris Kossoy, Andrea Kun-nard, Vincent Lavoie, Joan Naranjo, José Antonio Navarrete, Bernardo Riego, Teresa Siza, Marie Loup Sougez, Johan Swin-nen, Carmelo Vega, Henning Steen Wettendorff. Edited by Fontcuberta.

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Product Information:
Year: 2003
196 pages



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