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Continuing Education

Beginning Courses at ICP

These courses are designed for students who are either just breaking into the field of photography or who have had a minimum of formal training. ICP's diverse program offers a range of topics, from traditional darkroom and camera techniques to digital capture and software, to composition and concept development. These courses create a foundation for the beginning photographer and will allow for further study at an intermediate or advanced level.

We offer the following beginner courses:

Photography I: Digital
Photography I Intensive: Digital
How to Use Your Digital SLR
Introduction to Digital Video
Macintosh Basics
Photoshop I
Photoshop I Intensive

Black-and-White Photography I
Photography I in Black-and-White and Darkroom for Beginners
Photography I in Color and Darkroom for Beginners

Some classes require basic computer skills. If you have experience in photography and would like to take a class that isn't a beginner class, you'll need to come in for a portfolio review and speak to a member of the Education Department.

View the schedule for portfolio reviews.

For more information, contact the Education Department at or 212.857.0001.