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Continuing Education

Fall: Personal Vision

Drawing Inspiration from the Movies

Instructor:Anja Hitzenberger, Edward Ratliff
Dates: 5-Week Course
11/15/12 - 12/20/12
Thu (6:30 PM to 9:30 PM)
Meeting Times: Thursday: 7-10 pm
Code: 12FMC10


Course Description

The moving image can be a great source of inspiration for photographers, whether or not they are shooting video. This class is designed to help students deepen their work and improve their composition through a better understanding of the visual history of cinema. The emphasis is on studying selected film clips drawn from a wide range of films—from early black and white, to European and Hollywood films, through to current Asian cinema and beyond. Different visual styles, directors, cinematographers, and basic theory and history are discussed. Through assignments, students learn to see cinematically in a way that can enrich both their photographic and video work. new prerequisite: Photo II or portfolio review


$410.00 | Members $385.00

Materials: $15.00
Registration Fee: $30.00

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