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Continuing Education


Photography 2.0: A New Paradigm?

Dates: One-Day Seminar
3/29/07 - 3/29/07
Thursday March 29 7pm
Meeting Times: Thursday: 7-9 pm
Code: 07WSE03


Course Description

As with all media, massive changes are underway in photography. A major shift is elevating the role of the amateur who, equipped with digital cameras and cell phones capable of recording images, now plays a major role in visually defining the world we live in. Will images, such as those from the London bombing captured by cell phones, or photographs from Abu Ghraib ultimately replace those made by professionals? What will be the role of the professional in this reconfigured world?

Moderator: Fred Ritchin Associate Chair, Dept. of Photography Director, PixelPress


Pancho Bernasconi, Getty Images;

Jake Dobkin,;

Kenny Irby, Poynter Institute;

Mark Lubell, Director, Magnum Photos New York;

JeffreyScales, Picture Editor, The New York Times

Adam Seifer, CEO,

This event will be held at New York University.


$5.00 | Members $5.00

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